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A Quick Amazing Look At This Past Year: Oct. 2009 to Today

Major Activities of A Third Place Community Foundation
Turley North Tulsa
Oct. to Oct. 2009-10

Let us stress these are some of the major highlights and ongoing projects, not all by any means.
If any of these are enticing, calling you to participate, or spin off a project, let us know.

Monthly: breakfasts and lunches, movie night, Turley Community Association, North Tulsa community coalitions, McLain School Initiative, Healthy Cornerstores Initiative, Turley Leadership Council,

Weekly or One Time Events:
OU Medical Clinic
Community Vision Forums
Community Halloween Festival
Community Thanksgiving meal
Community Christmas party
Weekly Nutrition class
Community Academy classes to do community projects
Community Tours .
Turley Leadership Retreats
Daily free summer lunch program
Gardens and Beautification and Cleanup Day in Turley
Four Directions Initiative for Community Renewal Started
Celebration of Juneteenth and Local Food Week and Turley Festival
Food Bank site
OU medical resident visits and talks
Community life surveys
Housing Site For U.S. Census
Talks about community health with OU medical students
Poverty Education Workshop coordinated at O’Brien Recreation Center
Cherokee School community garden days
Greeley School Garden Day
Information Booth at McLain High School Community Bash
Party Among the Ruins at Community Garden Kitchen Park site
Purchase of The Welcome Table Community Garden Kitchen Park site
OU Student Idea Day For Fundraising For Community Projects class events
Turley Heritage Day, Fall Beautification and Gardening Event and Meal
Cherokee School Safety and Turley Historic Downtown Community Project
Abandoned Properties Project
A Third Place Computer Center
A Third Place Library
A Third Place Clothing and more Donations
Community Resource Information Sharing

Donate at the button above or write a check and Make This Year Even More Amazing
6514 N. Peoria Ave. Turley, OK 74126
794-4637 or 691-3223 or 430-1150 contact Ron Robinson, Executive Director


Transforming Garden at Greeley Elementary School

A Third Place and our volunteers transformed the front entry into one of our neighborhood elementary schools near us, Horace Greeley School, at 63rd and N. Cincinnati. Lifting the spirits of the children as they come and go, plus possibilities of outdoor science and nature learning. Read below for what we did a weekend ago, and call 4301150 if you want to be a part of our ongoing community gardening efforts. And go by and see Greeley and support the school and all our public schools.

Here’s what we did.
1. We stripped the turf, removed “all” the grass roots, laid paths of mulch over landscape fabric or cardboard across the back of the bed and into the bed in the middle of each wall (about half way between the windows). This creates smaller sections of the bed and allows easy access for care.
2. In each smaller section we centered a crape myrtle tree in the window. This will only need pruning to remove dead wood and any low branches that block the beautiful leggy look of crape myrtle trees. The reason some people cut the tops off must be to control the size but crape myrtles come in many sizes now and growth is stronger if they are not topped. They have white blooms and are Natchez variety.
3. Across the front of each bed is a row of white meadow salvia or sage; this will fill in by this time next year into a soft row of white flowers. If you want to see what they will look like in a year, the ones we planted at Cherokee School last fall were the same size then.
4. In a semicircle around the crape myrtle we planted yarrow, mostly yellow some red. This has soft ferny foliage and flowers in the summer that butterflies love.
5. In the back of the bed right in front of the path we planted daylilies and daffodils
6. In every planting hole we tried to place a daffodil or two. We planted 135 king Alfred daffodils and ran out, so it may be skimpy in spots but they will quickly spread as will the daylilies.
7. All the plants are drought resistant so in a couple years may only need water during extreme drought but while they are spreading their roots I recommend checking them every other day for a week or two then weekly if it doesn’t rain. Just pull back the mulch a little to see if the soil is damp about an inch down. It’s easy to just get the mulch wet or the bed may not dry out as fast as you think because of the mulch.


BE THERE, BE HERE THIS WEEKEND: Heritage Lunch, Cleanup, Beautifying Turley, and More

First, Come to the Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave., this Friday Sept. 24 from 6 to 7 pm. Give an hour to help us clean up the dumping from our streets as we get ready for Turley Area Heritage Day the next day. Free supper for all helpers. Great for families, church youth groups, etc.

Second, Come to the Center on Saturday, Sept. 25 for some or all of these actions: at 8 am on to be a part of Beautifying Turley Area through community planting projects. And/or come at 9 am as we meet with OU graduate students to hear of their work planning ways to help our projects in this part of the Tulsa North area.

Third, at 11 am come hear and share stories of Turley area history and help us create a Map of What Used To Be Here Where.

At noon we will have a heritage lunch of soups and salads and more, freewill donations, and live music from Johnny and The Oklahomans until 1 pm. Then more work with OU students, or more cleanup and beautification plantings, and an update on the community renewal initiatives of A Third Place Community Foundation with tours of the new spaces for our Welcome Table Garden Kitchen Park and new Center.

Every Saturday at 7:30 pm Recovery Group at the Center.

Sunday mornings church at the Center 10 am. Call Rev. Ron Robinson 6913223 for updates and more on the spiritual gatherings.

Come anytime and bring your dreams for Renewing Community, Empowering Residents, Growing Healthy Neighborhoods.

We our working on a major initiative to recreate a Turley downtown community space by Cherokee School to make for safer students, better business, and attract new businesses. We are working on an initiative to start a lay health advisor program with OU in our area. We are working with the McLain School Initiative transforming our community's public high school. We are helping make sure every school is a garden. We are transforming and expanding our Center focus on food justice and our ongoing programs. All of these need your help. Come join with our volunteers and grow our community together.