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Christmas in Turley Area and Other Coming Events


A Third Place Community Center
6514 N. Peoria Ave. 794-4637

“doing small acts of justice with great love changes the world”

OU Medicine Clinic Mondays and Fridays at A Third Place. 619-4400 for appt.
OSU Nutrition Class Mondays 11 am at A Third Place.
Turley Fire Department Meetings, each Thursday, 7 pm, 6404 N. Peoria
12-Step Recovery Group, Saturdays, 7:30 pm A Third Place Center
Community Coalitions Meeting Rep. Seneca Scott, Tulsa Community College NE, Apache and Harvard, southside, first Fridays 5:30 pm
Turley Water Board meets last working day of month, 8:30 am
Turley Community Association at O’Brien Park last Tuesdays 7 pm
LivingRoom Church at A Third Place meets Sundays, 10 am, A Third Place

Recent activities (for more of what has been going on read other posts below):
We had on Sat. Dec. 5, Noon, an All Volunteers Meet and Free Meal and on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 6:30 pm “Greenfingers” movie free, sponsored by Let Turley Bloom, which meets each second Tuesday for a movie documentary and planning garden projects in our area. On Wed. Dec. 9, 6:30 pm A Third Place Community Foundation Board met.

Coming Events

Saturday, Dec. 12, 8 to 10 am Community Breakfast, A Third Place; freewill donation, each Second Saturday, continental healthy breakfast bar, meet other residents and community leaders, deepen connections, build multigenerational multi racial community.

Saturday, Dec. 12, 10 am to Noon, Community Gardening at 66th and N. Lewis and other places or Acts of Kindness projects indoors depending on weather, second Saturdays of each month

We have had to reschedule the How To Help Your Child’s Education through Computers” presented by Rosemary Powell of Tulsa Libraries. Instead of this coming Tuesday it will now be scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 6:30 pm with free meal for participants

Tuesday, Dec. 22, 6:30 pm Annual Christmas Open House, Carolling, Reception


Thanksgiving in Turley and Coming Events For You

A Third Place Free Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave., 794-4637 office; 691-3223 cell; 430-1150 home. "Doing small acts of justice with great love changes the world."

It has been a great fall in Turley. In September we had a big turnout of volunteers doing community gardening at Cherokee School to make a wonderful new landscape for the students, and planting new trees for the future, and expanding the vegetable garden area in the back. In October we had a series of community visions forums where graduate students from OU worked with Turley residents to come up with grant plans for transforming abandoned properties into little Turley neighborhood parks and community gardens, expanding our A Third Place Center food pantry, looking at starting a major outdoor a third place center, and ways to help animals in our area. At the end of Halloween we had some 200 community residents at our annual old-fashioned Halloween Party. And week by week and day by day we have our on-going health clinic, free computer center, library, giving room, food pantry, and help for residents, and we had a community breakfast.

Coming up will be a Thanksgiving Meal for our A Third Place Center helpers and family and our community friends and supporters, this Sunday, Nov. 22, beginning at noon. Feel free to bring something to add to the feast, but be sure you come and bring a friend.

Turley Area Community Association, meet with local and state authorities and officials, hear what is planned in our area, have a voice, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 7 pm O'Brien Park, 6147 N. Lewis.

Then we will have a Community Center Project Day Sunday, Nov. 29 at noon when we clean, carry out projects small and large, and get our new Giving Room ready for its new multi-purpose use and for an extended food pantry area.

On Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 6:30 pm we will begin a monthly gathering opportunity first Mondays at the Center for all those who would like to work on arts and crafts or share their arts and crafts or work together to promote arts and crafts in our community.

On Friday, Dec. 4, at 5:30 pm "TU to Turley" community meeting, sponsored monthly by Rep. Seneca Scott, at Tulsa Community College NorthEast, Apache and Harvard, southside of the campus.

On Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 6:30 pm the monthly Let Turley Bloom movie will be the inspiring comedy "Greenfingers" about prisoners in England learning to appreciate life through gardening, based on a true story, followed by information on our Turley public gardens projects and events. This meets the second Tuesday of every month.

On Saturday, noon, Dec. 5 along with a free meal will be our next Volunteer Meeting and New Orientation; not only for new volunteers but a chance to get updated news and policies for all.

Saturday, Dec. 12, 8 am community breakfast, 10 am community gardening.

Every Tuesday, 5:30 pm unless it is bad weather we have a gathering called "Souls and Soles" the area Walking Club; come get exercise, chat about life. Meet at A Third Place Center.

Every Monday and Friday, the University of Oklahoma Community Medicine Clinic meets at A Third Place, health care for all.

Every Monday at 11 am Nutrition Class by OSU Extension.

Every Saturday at 7:30 pm 12-Step Group

Every third Thursday 6 pm, Turley History conversation

Every Sunday at 10 am The LivingRoom Church, Free and Christian.


Turley Area Free Festival Fri July 31 Sat Aug 1

Don't Miss It. Join With Us. Spread the News. Bring your family, friends, church or civic groups, help us introduce Turley area to others. Helpers Needed. Call the Center or email

Turley Area Festival 09
Fri. July 31 & Sat. Aug 1
All Welcome--Free

A Third Place Community Center
And University of Oklahoma
6514 N. Peoria Ave. 794-4637

Live Bands, Music, Meals, Board Games, Wii, Children’s Activities, Turley Clean-Up, Exhibits & Area Info & Panel on Growing A Healthy Community, featuring State Rep. Seneca Scott

Friday, July 31
1:30 to 5 pm: OU Turley Area project; Games, Exhibits, Jupiter Jump, etc.
5 pm Meals from local restaurants supporting them. Freewill donations
6-9 PM Music Jam with Bobby Cooper and band, K.T. Reynolds, Bluegrass, Gospel and More, plus old fashioned Board games, trivia, twister, etc.

Saturday, Aug. 1
7 am Turley Cleanup Morning. Volunteers get free meal. All supplies and water provided. Improve our area.
9 am. OU Turley Area Project on Food & Health
Noon Meal: Spaghetti Feast all you care to eat $5. Home-made Best Italian around. Benefit the Community Center
Noon Music: Johnny and The Oklahomans country band
2 pm. Healthy Communities panel: Seneca Scott & others
4 pm Games, Conversations, OU Turley Project
5 pm Hot Dog Meal. Freewill Donation. Music.
8 pm Closing Celebration: Rock, R&B Music by the band DNR


$10 million X Prize and Turley/North Tulsa?

Post Update:
Well, we heard that Oklahoma and our area doesn't qualify for the X Prize because the funders, an insurance company, don't serve this part of the country and were limiting eligibility to those areas where they do. But we had such great ideas flowing that we will be talking with OU Medicine about ways to incorporate some of the out of the box ideas on a smaller scale now.

We just had a great meeting at A Third Place Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave., this afternoon with various members of OU, both Tulsa and Norman, as we are beginning to explore what it would take to come up with a healthcare project so out of the box, and so full of possibilities of change for our community on the northern edge of Tulsa, that we could submit it to be considered for one of the finalists for the $10 million X prize for community healthcare improvement that will be awarded by the same folks that gave out the X prize for the first private aircraft to go up to outer space and back, and who are going to give one to a new sustainable automobile. It is just in its genesis stage, but no matter what the outcome is, we are committed to trying a new way of creating health in a community. The genius is that we will be building upon some of the ways we are already creating better community life through the A Third Place Community Center. There will be much more to come as we begin to figure out how to bring you and many others into this endeavor, and no matter the outcome we will have changed our community. But think about it? X Prize and North Tulsa/Turley, in our two mile service radius, covering such a unique area as we have in our edge community blending urban, rural, and small town atmospheres.
Call Ron at 794-4637 if you want to learn more or have an idea for some radical way we can create healthier lives, families, communities.

Turley History Group Every Third Thursday 6 pm

At 6 pm every Third Thursday, this month May 21, come to A Third Place Center to hear the stories about Turley's past, share your stories, work on projects to preserve our history. Stay tuned for updates.

Brining Back Senior Nutrition Site to Turley, at O'Brien Park

If you or a loved one or a neighbor you know are 60 years old or more, we need you to sign up for your interest in a senior nutrition site providing free meals at O'Brien Park, 6147 N. Lewis. Help us bring back this program to help meet the food needs of our seniors, as well as providing a spirit of community and service. Sign up at O'Brien Park or A Third Place Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave.

Please help us spread the news about this great opportunity in our area.

Help Us With Summer Food Program at Cherokee; Training May 6

This Summer we will offer a free lunch program for all in the community between the ages of one and 18. It will be held at Cherokee School, 6001 N. Peoria, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm each day of the week. If you would like to volunteer or be considered for a paid position helping run the Program, please call Ron Robinson at 794-4637 or 691-3223 or at home at 430-1150. Training will happen Wed. May 6 from 9 am to 11 am at Fulton Academy in Tulsa. Meet at the Center at 8:30 am to go to the training. If you can't make the training but are interested in helping, paid or not, let Ron know. Help us provide this needed program in our community.

Second Saturday May 9 Transforming Turley Events

This Saturday, May 9 is full of free activities of service to others in our area.

Commuity Breakfast. Freewill donation. Pancake & More Breakfast. 8 am to 10:30 am Odd Fellows Lodge, 6227 N. Quincy. For all in the community. Proceeds go to support local area projects.

10 am. A Third Place Center, 6514 N. Peoria, come help us beautify our area with new plantings of flowers and more at the Turley welcome signs, at Cherokee School community gardening and creating new landscape in the front of the school, our reclaiming of the 66th and N. Lewis intersection, and the 56th and N. Lewis intersection, and our new wildflower plots along Highway 75 at 56th and 66th streets, and at A Third Place Center's front itself. If weather is bad, we will meet inside the Center for our acts of kindness and service and planning.

2 pm Cherokee School Carnival in the gym. Help us at the A Third Place Center booth telling families about our many programs and projects and ways we can help each other.

You all are needed. No experience necessary.

OU Medicine Clinic in Turley Mon & Fri

Call 600-4919 to make an appointment to come to the OU Turley Health Clinic. Full primary care. Referrals to OU Specialty clinics. Insured or uninsured welcome. Medicaid Welcome. More information on health care issues, illnesses, and information on the clinic available at A Third Place Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave.

Help us spread the news about this service in our community. Come volunteer to help host the center and provide a welcoming place for those who come in need.

Come say thanks to the OU staff.

Neighborhood Life 2009 Followup

We had a great time Saturday May 2 at A Third Place Free Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave., meeting with people from around neighborhoods in the Turley and North Tulsa area along with graduate students from OU-Tulsa in order to begin identifying block and neighborhood leaders who will help us take A Third Place Center out to our local areas.

But this is a process that is just beginning. If you would like to be a block captain or neighborhood point person on your street, please call 7944637 or send an email to or our new email address at the Center.

Would you like help cleaning up your streets and neighborhood? Would you like a watch patrol? Would you like to throw a block party? Would you like to start a community garden or turn an abandoned lot into a small park? Would you like to be an ambassador for the OU-Turley/North Tulsa Medical clinic at A Third Place, becoming a neighborhood wellness contact?Let us know.

You will be hearing much more about this to come.


Welcome OU Turley Social Work Community Project

Hi OU Tulsa Social Work graduate students. Welcome to Turley and North Tulsa.
Residents, come tell your stories and talk about the needs of your neighborhood as the Univ. of Okla. helps us on another community project through A Third Place community center.

Come to O'Brien Park Saturday from 10 to 2 for Garden and Neighborhood Event. Talk about ways to improve the quality of life on your street and in your area. WE will have community gardening planning at 11 am. It is all free. Come. Refreshments offered.


Help Keep A Third Place Center Open: Benefit Supper Friday March 13 6 to 8 pm $5 All You Can Eat Spaghetti & Chili

This is an exciting time to be living in Turley. See below for all the details on these and more exciting free programs for the family and for all in our area.

Come to our Turley "Town Square", the free community center called A Third Place, at 6514 N. Peoria Ave. next door to the Turley Post Office and laundramat. We exist through the love and labor of volunteers; we have a nonprofit organization, A Third Place Community Foundation, which coordinates the Center and our many activities and programs for our neighbors. We all live in or near the Turley area and Tulsa northedge. We partner with the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Tulsa to help provide services, connections, resources, and more here in Turley.

We can only do it with your support.

Come celebrate with us and have a spaghetti and chili benefit supper all you can eat for $5. Or if you can't make supper, leave off a donation or make out a check to A Third Place Community Foundation.

Our next volunteer training day will be Friday, March 13 at 1 pm.

We have many events planned, and new ventures about to be unveiled.
If you would like to get resources to help improve your own part of our area, your street or your neighborhood, come to the Center and see Ron and be a part of our new Turley Leaders Initiative.

On Saturday, March 14 go to the Odd Fellows Lodge at 8 am to 11 am for a community breakfast freewill donation benefiting a community project or family in need. Stay for a community gardening and beautification random act of kindness events from 10 am to noon at the Center.


Welcome to Turley

If this is your first "virtual Turley" visit, welcome; we hope you learn something about the exciting things going on in our community on the northedge of Tulsa. We hope you will make a real visit to our area, and to our A Third Place Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave., Turley OK 74126.

If you are a resident or a former resident of Turley, I hope you will find community here, both online and in person. Check out the links to the right and if you have links about Turley to add please send them to us.

If you are a student at the Univ. of Oklahoma Graduate Social Work Department, a special welcome as we partner again this semester. Thank you for helping us create community.

Read on and enjoy yourself and spread the word about us to others. Come experience the Turley Adventure.


A Third Place Center & Turley Area New UpComing Events

At A Third Place Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave. Serving Turley, North Tulsa, Sperry areas, 794-4637. Nonprofit organization.
"Doing Small Things with Great Love Changes the World"

Univ. of Okla. Community Medicine Clinic, Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, 9 am to 4 pm Call 660-3614 for appointment and latest schedule

Turley Resource Center, Donna Spivey, OU Grad Assistant Social Work Dept, Mondays and Fridays

Stress Reducing Class, Free, Tuesdays 7 pm

OSU Nutrition Class, Tuesdays Noon
AA Recovery 12 Step Group, Saturdays 7:30 pm
LivingRoom Church, Rev. Ron Robinson, Sundays 10 am; Wednesday morning prayer 9 am, bible chat 11 am, noonday prayer following
Every Second Saturday, community breakfast at Odd Fellows Lodge, 6227 N. Quincy, 8 to 11 am. Freewill donation.
Every Second Saturday, 10 am, Random Acts of Kindness A Third Place Center
Every Third Saturday, 2 pm Saving Pets of Turley, A third place Center
Every Third Saturday, 3 pm Turley History Conversations and Projects, see new meeting address below

Special Events For You

Friday, Feb. 20, noon volunteer training and 6:30 pm appreciation dinner and thank you reception for volunteers and Center leaders.

Saturday, Feb. 21
2 pm S.P.O.T. Saving Pets of Turley meeting, A Third Place.
3 pm Turley History Conversation, Sharing, Projects, meeting moved to 2701 E. 49th St. N.

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 7 pm at O'Brien Park Center, Turley Community Association, meet with local and area governmental officials, hear reports, feedback

Sunday, Mar. 1 Oklahoma Food Coop begins taking orders; order through us; go see the expansive menu at

Tuesday, March 3, 7 pm important Community Gardening Development meeting, A Third Place. Come if you are interested in helping to grow community gardens in our area, or to find help with gardening, etc.

Thursday, March 5, WeatherCall Program in Turley with Channel 8's Frank Mitchell. Come to Cherokee School, 6001 N. Peoria Ave., for broadcasts at 4:30 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm, for a special presentation for children at 6:30 pm, and then a presentation to adults at 7 pm about signing up for Weathercall. Just 50 cents a month and you get called on your phone in case of severe warnings in your area; don't worry about missing the tornado sirens. Be safe.

Friday, March 6, 5:30 pm Community Coalitions meeting sponsored by State Representative Seneca Scott, at Tulsa Community College near the Fitness Center.

Stay Tuned for more events; come by the Center.