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'Let Turley Bloom' Gardening Group Meets 2nd Tuesdays

Come celebrate the wonderful start of this new community program to beautify our area with native plant wildflowers and gardens. We will meet on the Second Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at 'a third place' ciommunity center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave. to talk about the community gardening projects underway and how to maintain them, and to begin preparing for the new projects between now and Spring. For more information or to volunteer in some way if you can't make the meetings on Tuesday call Bonnie Ashing at 430-1150 or email to

Current projects underway are: Turley welcome signs. gardens at Mar-Kay's BBQ & Fish House, Shorty's Restaurant, and Turley Daylight Donut Store. Cherokee Elementary School. Highway 75 at 56th and 66th St. Roadside Wildflower Color Oklahoma Planting by the State Department of Transportation, 61st and N. Rockford, and Turley business thank you planters.

Some of the Possible Projects to come: getting out how to care for your garden planning guides; Fire Department flowers; Spreading the news to other Turley businesses and groups; fun fund-raising events; helping connect and work with the new Tulsa Community Gardening Association; and much more.


Turley Made the Tulsa World

On Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2006, an article appeared in the Mid-Town Zone Section of the Tulsa World about the Let Turley Bloom project, this blog, and the Turley Community Association meeting. You can read the article here at

It came out just as Bonnie and I and our youngest daughter Abigail were heading off for a week of work and vacation in New York City so we are just now getting back to responding. Thanks for the comments.

There is so much more than can ever be put into any news story. We tried to stress that this is just a great place to live, now as when we were both growing up here, and that there have been a lot of people who have been helping to improve the quality of life all the while we were living elsewhere and coming back to be with family. One of the great things about living in Turley now, though, is that it is easy to make such a huge difference in the community with just a little, as the paper called it, TLC or tender loving care, or reaching out to join with one or two other people to make one little part of the community here better.

Now that we are back we will try to find the time to go through and update a lot of the blog.


Turley Community Meeting Tuesday, April 24, 7 p.m.

The monthly Turley Community Association meeting, open to all, will be 7 p.m. the last Tuesday of the month at the O'Brien Park and Recreation Center, 6147 N. Lewis Ave. Come meet neighbors, hear about efforts to improve the quality of life in the community, and how you can participate.

Check back here for news; and also check Bob Cooper's Turley Log online (see above)

See you there.


Turley Post Office Reducing Hours

Beginning Saturday, Nov. 11, 2006, the Federal Government's U.S. Post Office in Turley will be reducing its hours of service to the community. New hours for the office counter and contact with postal staff will be 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Availability to P.O. boxes will be 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

You might want to contact local officials to register concerns in the hopes that they don't try to shut down the office again, and especially contact U.S. Congressman John Sullivan about it since it is a federal issue. Go to and fill out a brief online contact form to send in to the Congressman about your concerns.

And stop by the Post Office and give some thanks to the postal employees, especially since they are having to deal with (you might have heard :) ) a new computer system that has slowed things down instead of sped them up. But if you do have to wait a while in line, and you sometimes do, it is one of the best and entertaining places to wait in line. I've waited in long lines at several post offices, and hands down this one is the best. Not much more to say than you have to experience it yourself.

Of course, so far, the mailboxes have remained out front of the Turley Postal Station and so you can still use them for mailing. Like all things, if you have a chance to use it here, do so.

They may be tempted to cut hours and service more here because of the size of the community, but let officials know that especially in communities where there isn't as ready access to computers and email among our neighbors, that it is even more important than ever that "snail mail" survive. And I don't want to be negative about it either; in my lifetime of experiences and running a national office, the postal service has been as good or better than private services 90 percent of the time. I still remember those other 10 percent times, but nobody's perfect....least of all me.

Turley Water Department News

Gene Cullison and several members of the Turley Water Department Board and staff visited the Turley Community Association meeting in September and answered questions about projects underway, billing methods, and more.

One of the biggest on-going issues for the Water Department is the fact that they have so many unpaid accounts, often because of the high number of residences that are rented and when renters move they leave unpaid water bills. Turley, it was reported, is somewhat unique in that it is an unincorporated community with its own Water Department (water is purchased from Tulsa City and handled locally here in Turley to residents and businesses). But it is also somewhat unique in that there are more homes with renters than homeowners, which adds a financial pressure.

If you have questions about your water bill, go see them. They will be helpful and love to explain the situation. And also if you see the workers in the office or out working on the lines, give them thanks. Their meetings are public so you can call and find out all the details or stop by the office.

Let Turley Bloom! updates

“Where flowers bloom, there is hope,”
Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady

We have recently planted a flower bed at Cherokee Elementary School on the north side of the building in the new courtyard area. And we have planted a new planter pot and garden area at the Turley Daylight Donut Store. We are hoping to get a bit of donated land near the new creek project on 61st street and Rockford for planting a garden in that busy street area.

The State Department of Transportation planted several acres of wildflower seeds at the 56th and 66th Street exits of Highway 75, as part of the grant we received from the Color Oklahoma statewide program. Come spring those passing by "our exits" will be welcomed with beauty and hope. Planted were black-eyed Susan, coneflowers, prairie coreopsis, showy primrose, lemon mint, and Indian Paintbrush.

Also, we have started our planting with local businesses along North Peoria Ave. in Turley. Go by Mar-Kays BBQ and Fish House at 67th and N. Peoria and look at the new flower beds (grab their 99cent chopped beef sandwich while you are at it, not to mention my weakness, the Feast) that we planted on Saturday. Also across the street from there stop by and enjoy the additions to the flower bed at Shorty's Restaurant where we planted on Saturday also, as well as putting in a new Magnolia tree at both restaurant locations. What we sow now, the community will be reaping not only in this coming Spring, but as all of our public gardens in Turley take root, in about three years from now they will be at their prime.

We'd love to hear from many more businesses in Turley who are interested in seeing a beautification event at their place, free of charge, thanks to donations. You can send donations to Let Turley Bloom c/o Dr. Bonnie Ashing at The Living Room Church, 6305 N. Peoria Ave. Turley, OK 74126. Call her at 430-1150 to volunteer. Great way to meet new friends and make the world a better place right here from home.

Turley Fire Dept. Dues Due

It is time to both protect your property and support our local volunteer firefighters. Because of rising costs, and so much expended on the past season or two of tremendous grassfires that took a toll on the fire trucks, the Fire and Rescue Dept. has raised the residential dues from $35 to $50 per year. What a bargain and still lower I am sure than in many or most other volunteer districts. I forget what the business dues are, but someone can leave a comment and update us on those.

And stop by when you see the Fire Station open in the evenings and say thanks to the volunteers.


Support Your Local Businesses and Groups

Support these local services. Add to the list in the comments section. Thanks for all who are building community in various ways here in our area.

Turley Businesses and Organizations

All at Turley OK 74126 unless otherwise noted.

Green Country Feed & Seed 6155 N. Peoria Ave.,
C&C 6139 N. Peoria Ave.
Cullison Hardware 6201 N. Peoria Ave.,
Turley Assembly of God 6301 N. Peoria Ave.
The Living Room Church, 6305 N. Peoria Ave.
Maverick Mini-Mart, 6401 N. Peoria
Coney Hut 6415-E
Freedom Bank 6555 N. Peoria Ave.
Bozworth Truck Repair, 6635 N. Peoria Ave.
Markay BBQ, 6545 N. Peoria Ave.
Big T Car, 7035 N. Peoria Ave.
Transmission Shop 7037 N. Peoria Ave.
Grandpa’s Lawnmower, 7145 N. Peoria Ave.
Home Repair & Remodeling 7221 N. Peoria Ave.
Daylight Donut, 7425 N. Peoria Ave.
Oates Motor Co. 7248 N. Peoria Ave.
Auto Recycle 7002 N. Peoria Ave.
Frailey’s 6750 N. Peoria Ave.
Brad’s Auto Repair, 6750 N. Peoria Ave.
Ray’s Wrecker 6702 N. Peoria Ave.
Shorty’s Hamburgers 6620 N. Peoria Ave.
Cooper Signs, 6540 N. Peoria Ave.
Latter House Church, 6536 N. Peoria Ave.
Highlander Laundry, 6512 N. Peoria Ave.
Turley Restaurant, 6506 N. Peoria Ave.
Turley Fire and Rescue, 6404 N. Peoria Ave.
Dollar General, 6248 N. Peoria Ave.
McSperitt Tire, 1219 E. 63rd St.
Cash Advance, 6244 N. Peoria Ave.
Warehouse Market, 6230 N. Peoria Ave.
Super Video, 6230 N. Peoria Ave.
Simple Simon’s 6206 N. Peoria Ave.
Charlie Hays Insurance 6112 N. Peoria Ave.
Turley Water 6108 N. Peoria Ave.
Straight Up Auto Center 6014 N. Peoria Ave.
Turley Barber 6012 N. Peoria Ave.
Sister D’s 6000 N. Peoria Ave.
Talkin Headz 5926 N. Peoria Ave.
Turley Family Clinic 1207 E. 59th Pl. N.
Ruby D’s 5920 N. Peoria Ave.
Turley Tag Agency 5918 N. Peoria Ave.
Anne Ridley Real Estate 5916 N. Peoria Ave.
Anchor Baptist Church 7525 N. Peoria Ave.
Rightway Used Tire 5925 N. Peoria Ave.
Turley United Methodist Church, 6050 N. Johnstown
Turley Correctional Center, 6101 N. Cincinnati
Turley Plumbing, 6801 N. Peoria Ave.
True Holiness, 1416 E. 66th St. N.
Turley Odd Fellow Lodge, 6227 N. Quincy Ave./ 6330 N. Rockford Ave.

VFW, Turley Post, 1701 W. Highway 66 Sapulpa OK 74066

Cornerstone Freewill Baptist Church, 7770 Whirlpool Dr., Owasso 74073

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 6520 N. Utica, Turley, OK 74130
Tidings of Peace Church, 1723 E. 66th St. N. Turley, OK 74130
New Testament Holiness, 1724 E. 63rd St. N. Turley, OK 74130

Dutch’s Pawn 5496 N. Peoria Ave., Tulsa, OK 74126

Turley Community Association, P.O. Box 6513 Turley, OK 74156

North Tulsa Farmers Market, 2620 E. 56th St. N., Tulsa OK 74130.


Cherokee School News and others

You can comment here and post news and events for Cherokee Elementary School in Turley, or for other schools where students from Turley attend.


Let others here in the Turley Blogosphere know a little about you and your connections, current or past, to this area. Not required to post, but helpful. Thanks.


Turley Ideas

Have a great idea for improving life in Turley? Post it here. This is different than the columns on Issues. Here we will dream big or come up with simple and small ideas that build community.

For example:
Having a "Turley Trail Day" when we get the bikers and walkers in the Tulsa area to come down the new trail along the old railroad track, and our stores and restaurants could offer specials for them as they stop and rest here before going on their way or returning? This is like what towns do each June as the Oklahoma Free Wheel bike tour goes through the state and stops at their town.

Bring Back an annual Heritage Parade along Peoria?

Pool our resources and rent one of the vacant buildings in a public spot for a community-run Turley Public Library?

Get a place here for a regular "Free Swap" so you have a chance to giveaway personal and building items you no longer need, and a chance to get from others what they have brought?

You get the picture...Post ideas. They will be like seeds. Some may never come up and bear fruit, at least in your lifetime, but others will take hold and grow as other people catch on and help. Consider this area of the blog as the Turley Brainstorm.


Turley Slogans? Mottos?

Calling all creative thinkers. Let's have fun trying to come up with a short phrase (8 syllables or less is a good rule of thumb but let that be a guide not a law) that captures something of the essence of life in Turley, inviting to others, intriguing, and humor is okay too...Imagine it on a tee-shirt, bumper sticker, public signs....

Turley Artists and Writers and More

Make connections with other artists and writers in the Turley area. Let us know of news and events for art showings, readings, classes, workshops, or social gatherings. Commentary on art and literature and all things in the humanities and culture. Have a film group going? Let us know here.

SPOT: Saving Pets of Turley Meets First Tuesdays

S.P.O.T. meets the first Tuesday at 7 p.m. at "a third place" community center at 6514 N. Peoria Ave.
We will be posting news of events, links to other animal welfare organizations, and information on resources and the new laws regarding animal welfare in Tulsa County's unincorporated areas such as Turley. If you have questions, or to learn more email Use this space to connect with other pet-lovers. See the comments section.


Have an issue related to life in Turley that you would like to see discussed, respectfully and civilly, and with an appreciation and understanding of those who might see it differently? Post it. Especially helpful are issue posts that take the form of questions....A good place to get questions responded to, such as on the issue and progress of efforts at incorporating, to name just one on-going issue.


Please post links to your Turley church websites, or if you don't have websites yet post contact information. Also, since the purpose of the blog is to make connections--if you live in Turley but go to church outside of Turley, please also give those links or your contact information too.


Add A Link to your business in Turley, or if you don't have a website yet add some contact information and tell us something about your business.


What are your favorite stories from Turley's past? Your most memorable places? Hang-outs? Things you liked? Favorite characters? More?

Turley History New Link

New Link to Turley History at

Look for more on history and from Marianna Lish soon. Thanks Marianna.

Thanks to Bob Cooper for getting Turley online several years ago.

Welcome To Turley

Our community is located just north of the city limits of Tulsa. We begin at 56th St. North. We go from there to the Osage County Road to the west. We go to the city limits of Sperry and Owasso to the north and east. We are home to Turley Hill and Bird Creek. An historic small town community that is a little bit urban and a little bit rural. We like the mix and hope you will too.

In this blog you will find all things connected to Turley. We want to hear your stories, your news, events, your memories, requests. Find a category and post away. Spread the word.