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Free Food and Coop Information

At the A Third Place Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria, we often offer various opportunities to help feed one another in our area of Turley, North Tulsa and Sperry.

1. We have food to give away that comes from within our community and from without. Right now we have lots of cucumbers, bags of lettuce, and buns. We also have fruit as well as our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we keep available to all at any time. We often have excellent leftovers from the meals prepared or served as part of our many programs, and our programs themselves almost always come with free meal as part of the event. We are working with some churches, beyond The LivingRoom Church at A ThirdPlace, to keep this going and growing.

2. We are members of the Oklahoma Food Coop so people can order through us without having to have their own membership (we encourage those who can afford to do it to do so to support the worthwhile group, but if you can't you can order through us). Go to It is easy. Each month between the first day of the month and the second Thursday you can see the thousands of items available and their prices and you can choose and give us your order. Then when the deadline comes on the second Thursday we will put in the order. We like to get paid when we submit the order but you can also do so when you pick up your order. The orders come in on the third Thursday of each month. We pick them up and bring them to A Third Place in the evening where you can get them then or the next day and pay if you haven't. Please pick them up as soon as possible. We also encourage people to go in together to get the best deals especially helpful when ordering meat, as you can get whole sides and half sides of beef cut up to specifications. See more at the website below and come ask us about it at the Center.

3. We offer a free nutrition class each Tuesday at noon offered by the OSU Extension Service. It is always open and offers a variety of topics related to eating healthy and inexpensive.

4. We are putting a big focus this coming year on transforming our area with community gardens to grow the cheapest healthiest food within our own "foodshed". If you are interested in being a part of a community garden let us know. You will hear more about this soon. We also encourage people to go in together to share livestock and can help you with that.

5. We also now have our new cookstove at the Center and can do more of our own food meals. You will be hearing more about that soon too and let us know if you are interested in helping.

Transforming communities one meal at a time.


Benefit Pancake Breakfast Saturday Dec. 13 and Christmas Caroling Friday Dec. 19

All are invited and needed this Saturday Dec. 13 for the pancake breakfast in support of A Third Place Center. Come to the Odd Fellows Lodge building at 6227 N. Quincy between 8 and 11 am. All you can eat pancakes sausage eggs biscuits and gravy juice and coffee. Freewill donation. This is a great way to give back to our community center, 6514 N. Peoria, where we giveback to the community with our free library, internet center, clinic, donation room, programs, meeting space, food programs, and more.

Then join with us as we work on a beautification project at 66th and N. Lewis intersection.

Then on Friday, Dec. 19 from 6 to 8 pm come to A Third Place for the annual Christmas caroling party. Refreshments provided.