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The Wish List for Fall, 2013

Wish List for the Welcome Table Community Center and for the Welcome Table KitchenGardenPark and Orchard.

For both, we above all need your prayers, thoughts, and to be our ambassadors spreading the news about us to others, especially other groups who might be able to help or to grant giving foundations.

Major Wish List: Foundation support to help us, and potential other partners, buy the closed Cherokee School on North Peoria, from the Tulsa Schools to grow our programs in a wonderful ready to use facility, and to grow our community. Call me for details. 918-691-3223....Also a major contribution to help us, after four years of amazing service with an all volunteer group, to be able to fund part time or full time positions: Executive Director, Assistant, Volunteer Coordinator, Bldg and Grounds Keeper...$60,000 to pay off our mortgage on the building...$3,000 to purchase property south of us to expand for parking and use....Money to help us purchase property to the east of our GardenPark where more abandoned houses and neglected properties remain.

Perhaps your organization would like to become an institutional partner with us...

For other ways to support us, see below...

The Community Center:
1. donations to help us pay utility bills and to buy food for the corner store. Consider combining a small $5 or $10 donation each month into your giving budget. Can donate online (we will also be setting up to make it easy to designate for small monthly giving).

2. Physical labor to help us move and set up the Community Room for our new Seniors and Family Center. Also physical labor to help our heat and air worker install our new air conditioner in the Corner Store and Arts and Crafts Room wing.

3. Help us identify auction or consignment shops and help us take tables, desks we won't be using to sell at these, to bring in funds and help clear space for our Community Room.

4. New windows in the Community Room

5. Remodel bathrooms in the wing with the Corner Store and Arts and Crafts Room, and create a new one in the new Community Room.

6. Roof Repair in the Community Room

7. Donations ($300) and an earth mover for a day to work with Green Country Permaculture in creating rain gardens and new public space north of our building to also stop flooding problem there.

8. Painting the walls in the Community Room, and in the upstairs Central Meeting room.

9. Volunteer Coordinator, can work online with our connection with Volunteer Tulsa

10. Helping follow through on Database work with text messaging system to our neighbors who use us, and for a mapping program to track where people live who come to us.

11. A van to use for seniors and others in our community for transportation to and from the center and for field trips, etc.

12. More computer stations and laptops and equipment for updating the computer center.

13. A new sign to advertise events in the community

14. A youth group coordinator

15. Volunteers to help with our community events (funfest and senior fair; halloween; thanksgiving; christmas parties, etc.)

16. A coordinator to help with our Economic Micro-Investment (Pay it Back or Pay it Forward) program.

17. Computer Projector System

18. Construction remodelling of the old house on our property, to use for housing or office or better storage.

19. Improved recycle and compost system

20. A central visible usable Donation to us space.

21. Camera Security System

22. Underwrite a month of expenses for mortage, utilities, insurance
more to come. check back.

For the GardenPark:

1. Pay for one more large trash bin to help us remove the final debris from our site.
2. Physical labor to help remove the debris
3. Concrete paths by entry and first gardens and social area for those with physical disabilities
4. Larger chicken coop
5. Pavillion and Greenhouse and Rainwater Collection and Distribution System
6. Signage outside the fence and inside the park, and a community info Kiosk
7. Deck Built
8. Stage Built.
9. Screen and Projector
10. Construction of Garden Dragon and the Vegetable Playhouse Village for natural play areas.
11. Connect Wifi for the Park
12. Chainsaw artist for the Trees as ArtStoryPlay space
13. Building a large Welcoming Table social area near the entry.
14. Entry Gate
15. Cross Fencing for garden areas
16. Camera security system
17. Develop the Native Plant Prairie Park and residential trail across from our GardenPark.
18. more to come. check back.

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