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Far Northside/Turley/McLain Area 101 Curriculum: Link of Links

This is a post that accumulates various other basic introduction posts about our area of the 74126 and 74130 and about our renewal efforts and partnerships and plans and visions within it. The starting point for those who would like to work with us; getting to know us. Caveat: the observations and analysis is mine; obviously others in our area have their own experiences and analysis and visions.

We always like to begin showing our area and immersing in it in order to understand why we do what we do and how we do it as a response to the world around us; the focus is on building up and growing the neighborhoods primarily, and only building up and growing the organization in order to accomplish the first.
Our latest breakdown of demographic and ethnographic studies and the OU Turley nutrition survey of residents in our two mile radius:
An overview of the renewal vision: called The Four Directions in our area:
A post on health responses to the life time expectancy disparity in our zipcode:

Based on a presentation given at OU Tulsa by members of a team from there after study time at Dartmouth.

A post on educational justice and community abandonment and the proposal to focus program changes at McLain School and its feeder schools:


The comprehensive lecture given at OU on our history, our responses, our vision:

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