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A Quick Amazing Look At This Past Year: Oct. 2009 to Today

Major Activities of A Third Place Community Foundation
Turley North Tulsa
Oct. to Oct. 2009-10

Let us stress these are some of the major highlights and ongoing projects, not all by any means.
If any of these are enticing, calling you to participate, or spin off a project, let us know.

Monthly: breakfasts and lunches, movie night, Turley Community Association, North Tulsa community coalitions, McLain School Initiative, Healthy Cornerstores Initiative, Turley Leadership Council,

Weekly or One Time Events:
OU Medical Clinic
Community Vision Forums
Community Halloween Festival
Community Thanksgiving meal
Community Christmas party
Weekly Nutrition class
Community Academy classes to do community projects
Community Tours .
Turley Leadership Retreats
Daily free summer lunch program
Gardens and Beautification and Cleanup Day in Turley
Four Directions Initiative for Community Renewal Started
Celebration of Juneteenth and Local Food Week and Turley Festival
Food Bank site
OU medical resident visits and talks
Community life surveys
Housing Site For U.S. Census
Talks about community health with OU medical students
Poverty Education Workshop coordinated at O’Brien Recreation Center
Cherokee School community garden days
Greeley School Garden Day
Information Booth at McLain High School Community Bash
Party Among the Ruins at Community Garden Kitchen Park site
Purchase of The Welcome Table Community Garden Kitchen Park site
OU Student Idea Day For Fundraising For Community Projects class events
Turley Heritage Day, Fall Beautification and Gardening Event and Meal
Cherokee School Safety and Turley Historic Downtown Community Project
Abandoned Properties Project
A Third Place Computer Center
A Third Place Library
A Third Place Clothing and more Donations
Community Resource Information Sharing

Donate at the button above or write a check and Make This Year Even More Amazing
6514 N. Peoria Ave. Turley, OK 74126
794-4637 or 691-3223 or 430-1150 contact Ron Robinson, Executive Director

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