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BE THERE, BE HERE THIS WEEKEND: Heritage Lunch, Cleanup, Beautifying Turley, and More

First, Come to the Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave., this Friday Sept. 24 from 6 to 7 pm. Give an hour to help us clean up the dumping from our streets as we get ready for Turley Area Heritage Day the next day. Free supper for all helpers. Great for families, church youth groups, etc.

Second, Come to the Center on Saturday, Sept. 25 for some or all of these actions: at 8 am on to be a part of Beautifying Turley Area through community planting projects. And/or come at 9 am as we meet with OU graduate students to hear of their work planning ways to help our projects in this part of the Tulsa North area.

Third, at 11 am come hear and share stories of Turley area history and help us create a Map of What Used To Be Here Where.

At noon we will have a heritage lunch of soups and salads and more, freewill donations, and live music from Johnny and The Oklahomans until 1 pm. Then more work with OU students, or more cleanup and beautification plantings, and an update on the community renewal initiatives of A Third Place Community Foundation with tours of the new spaces for our Welcome Table Garden Kitchen Park and new Center.

Every Saturday at 7:30 pm Recovery Group at the Center.

Sunday mornings church at the Center 10 am. Call Rev. Ron Robinson 6913223 for updates and more on the spiritual gatherings.

Come anytime and bring your dreams for Renewing Community, Empowering Residents, Growing Healthy Neighborhoods.

We our working on a major initiative to recreate a Turley downtown community space by Cherokee School to make for safer students, better business, and attract new businesses. We are working on an initiative to start a lay health advisor program with OU in our area. We are working with the McLain School Initiative transforming our community's public high school. We are helping make sure every school is a garden. We are transforming and expanding our Center focus on food justice and our ongoing programs. All of these need your help. Come join with our volunteers and grow our community together.

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