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Just a Bit Of What Our Children Will See On Way To School on N. Peoria: See below for helping us change this.

Pass this post on to others. Children shouldn't be walking through these or past these, and these don't cover all the areas near us. Just a few of the photos of trash or abandoned houses with overgrown weeds creating risky unsafe environments. It is why we are doing the community gardening and beautification at the school itself, and why we are raising funds for the Miracle Among The Ruins project. Come to Cherokee 6001 N. Peoria on Saturdays Aug. 14 and 28 in the mornings to help beautify; pass on to others, church and youth and service groups; also help us give the children something different to walk past; help us give them the Miracle Among the Ruins; we are $3,000 short of our goal and our deadline is Aug. 31. Donate safely and easily at the button above.

See the plans and the links to all the links about the property and what it looks like now for kids at

The Channel Six news story is at

For the OU social work students moving video about the place and the need for the project and for your donations, go to .

For the OU Design Studio on what it will look like go to

For the background on why we are doing this community transformation project here go to and to

For the bigger connect the dots link on how we have plans for all of our Four Directions area of Tulsa North and Turley go to

And after you donate share it with someone who will donate. Don't wait. Every little bit goes a long way here. Surprise yourself and the world. Just as our Miracle Among the Ruin will surprise the children who will see it rise where ruins were before, all around them.

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