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Channel Six News Story on our Miracle Among The Ruins project for The Welcome Table Community Kitchen Garden Park

Thanks Channel 6. One correction as folks will see in the blog posts below is that we are seeking to purchase one acre with 12 city lots, a full city block, for the gardens, kitchen, play area and community space. You can donate easily and safely through the button above. You don't have to have paypal. We just need in all of Tulsa area, or from elsewhere as we would love this to have a global connection, 90 people to give $100 each and we will have it, but of course any amount donated is dearly appreciated. Or pass the story on to a few other friends and go together to jointly raise the $100 or more donation. Or you can mail a check to A Third Place at 6514 N. Peoria Ave. Turley, OK 74126 or drop it by the community center. Don't wait, Donate. Be an owner of the park. Donate in honor or memory of someone who loved community, justice, gardens; or for the future, give in the name of your children or grandchildren; all donors will be recognized at the site with a sign.
This takes you to a full description of the project, and its unique need, and links to videos.
This links to the full OU Graduate Design Studio proposal documents
This link goes direct to the video of the project prepared by the Design students.
This link gives you the bigger picture of our community renewal and development vision, and puts this garden park project into our total perspective for our full two mile service area from 46th to 86th St. N. and from Highway 75 to the Osage County Line.
And this link will take you to some of the ever evolving news of our Fourth Annual Turley and Area Free Festival For Juneteenth and LocalFoods Week this coming weekend. A great way to come see for yourself hope growing, and find a way to be a part of it.

Thanks OU Tulsa Graduate Social Work students also for helping our local residents dream the dream from our community forums the past two years where we heard stories of hunger and nutrition and no access to healthy food, along with abandoned properties in our area that never get cleaned up, and in general the sense that people didn't have community spirit and proud.

Come see our many many projects of hope going on, all by volunteers here grassroots; see other posts here for our coming events and happenings this week, this month, this summer.

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