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Fourth Annual Turley Area Festival at A Third Place Community Center on Juneteenth Weekend, June 18-19

Plan now to attend, and come help us put it on: The Fourth Annual Turley Area Festival, Juneteenth, Friday June 18, noon to nine pm, and Saturday June 19, 10 am to 10 pm, at A Third Place Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria. Free Festival For All. Music. Art. Games. Free Food. Programs. Free Swimming. Children's Activities. Community Info and Exhibits.

Sponsored by A Third Place, along with the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Graduate Social Work Dept, and O'Brien Park. Far North Greater Turley Area includes the neighborhoods from 46th St. North to 86th St. North and from Highway 75 to Osage County Drive.

Turley Area Festival Theme: "Our Past, Present, and Future"

Friday, June 18:
Lunch and Kickoff Celebration Ceremony 12-1pm
Band and Games (board, Wii) 1-2 pm
History Presentation and Turley Tour 2-4 pm
Band and Supper 4:30 to 6:30 pm
Hands-On History Project 7-8 pm
Band and Games 8-9 pm

Saturday, June 19:
Free Swimming at O'Brien Park with contribution of food for the A Third Place Community Center Food Pantry.
Tye Dye Tshirt Making 10 am to Noon
Presentations on Turley Area Present and Community Renewal Projects 10 am to Noon
Lunch and Band Noon to 2 pm
Tye Dye Tshirt Making 2 to 4 pm
Panel Presentation: Our Healthy Community Future: Plans and Visions 2 to 4 pm
Dinner and Band 4:30 to 6:30 pm
"TNT" Event: Your Voice For "TulsaNorthTurley" Map of the Future 7 to 10 pm
Closing Celebration Band 8 to 10 pm

ongoing Jupiter Jump, art gallery exhibits, exhibits on community businesses, groups, projects
ongoing Great Giveaway from Giving Room, consignment sale opportunities, games and activities, and more.

Stay tuned for schedule of Festival Planning meetings. Get involved. Renew lives, communities.
Email, or call 794-4637 or 4301150 or 6913223.

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