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Coming Events in Turley and Area For You, With You, From You

A Third Place Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave., where small acts of justice done with great love change the world. It has been a wonderful three years of growing in mission here. We had our Grand Opening in June 2007.

We just finished last rainy weekend the Beautify Turley Day, and were surprisingly and wonderfully joined at the last minute by a church youth group from Kansas which helped clean up our streets (thanks Vanessa and the Center for Racial Justice for their recommendation), and the renewed Welcome Sign is looking beautiful and still being finished; the music was great at the community center, and the schools gardens are growing too. We helped Cherokee School with a partner in education lunch Friday and made more good plans and connections there. Then did the same with From Turley to TU community coalitions networking at State Rep. Seneca Scott's monthly meeting--lots of people doing great things and lots of ideas for working together. We had our monthly community breakfast today.

Here it comes our Summer of Transforming Love.

We have brought the Bookmobile back this summer to Turley, to A Third Place Center, after it has been gone from our area for many years. So exciting. First day will be Friday June 4. Spread the word and let's swamp them with a welcome and customers. Come to the center and get fliers and handouts on the bookmobile schedule and pass out wherever you are.

We will have a Community Health Initiative working with OU social work students, and also another project working with OU pre med and medical students coming to Turley. See below.

We will have our Fourth Annual Turley and Area Festival Celebration Juneteenth Event, June 18-19. Food, music, programs on Turley and area Past, Present, Future. Celebrating our Difference, and the Difference We Make. Art. Tyedying. Community Info Expo. Seed and Plant exchange. Children's activities. Board games, Wii games. Rodeo Parade.

We will feed all the children in our area a free lunch everyday at Cherokee School from June 7 to August 6 so even though they aren't in school where they are primarily fed they will continue to have at least one good meal a day, and we will have activities for them too.

Coming up right away to support all the above:
Sunday, May 9, 10 am missional Mothers Day. communion, conversation, common meal.

Tuesday, May 11, 11 am north tulsa community coalitions networking at Job Corps, a great program on the demographic changes and issues coming to our area of Tulsa; then come to 6:30 pm at the center every second Tuesday Let Turley Bloom ecological documentary; this day it is critically acclaimed "Manufactured Landscapes" and sustainability conversation and community gardening planning.

Wednesday, May 12, 5:30 pm unveiling the final design from OU Tulsa Graduate Design Studio for our project to transform a city block of abandoned homes into the Welcome Table Kitchen Garden Park project at 60th and N. Johnstown. We have a closing date on purchase coming up and still need some 100 people to give an average $100 to help us begin the project. Go to posts below to read more. Go to button above to donate online, and pass it on. It only happens with your help. Donate more if you can, less if you need to, and spread the word to others. See the full vision on the website.

Friday, May 21, 2:30 pm Turley Leadership Council networking at the Center

June 4-5, June 18-19 and July 2-3, Community Health Initiative with OU Graduate Social Work students and A Third Place. Two neighborhoods and others will be closely surveyed to build an understanding of the community health problems in our area, information that will help us, we hope, get grants to help alleviate the issues.

Fridays July 9 and 16 Community Health Project with OU premed and medical students in our area.

Remember our community health clinic meets every Monday and Friday at the clinic in the mornings.

Remember our Food Pantry always needs food, and we should be coming a part of the community food bank soon.

And ongoing worship Sunday mornings with the church at a third place center and Rev. Ron Robinson, community and guerilla gardening and the "usual subversive activities" during the week. Or just come hang out. And working working working on the Big Vision news hope to unveil soon too about creating safe and sustainable spaces, outdoors and indoors, from one end of our area to the other.

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