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Turley Slogans? Mottos?

Calling all creative thinkers. Let's have fun trying to come up with a short phrase (8 syllables or less is a good rule of thumb but let that be a guide not a law) that captures something of the essence of life in Turley, inviting to others, intriguing, and humor is okay too...Imagine it on a tee-shirt, bumper sticker, public signs....


Ron said...

Off the top of my head, I like:

Turley, OK--Looking Up (allusion to turley hill and the community coming back)

I will try to remember some of the more humorous ones poking fun at our reputation...

Ron said...

Okay, just to help loosen things up a bit and help get the comments going. I came up with one the other day, just joking:

Turley---The Safest Place to Live, 'Cause Everyone's On Their Third Strike.

Anonymous said...

"What's the Hurry To Get To Sperry? Visit Turley"

"Turley--It's NOT North Tulsa"

"Ask Me About My Turley"

"Take A Crack At Turley!"

Turley. You've Never Seen What We Don't Have.

Turley--It's like being lost in Owasso!

Ron said...

Yeah Anon! You've made my day lol. Just returned from the trip to NYC and so am just now able to update the blog.

Those are great slogans. If not for tee-shirts at least for the word of mouth campaign...Kind of reminds me of the Letterman Top 10 lists. Hmmm. might start a new entry for people to put their top 10 reasons for living in Turley, both from a humorous position and more serious one. Thanks for the idea.