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Turley Ideas

Have a great idea for improving life in Turley? Post it here. This is different than the columns on Issues. Here we will dream big or come up with simple and small ideas that build community.

For example:
Having a "Turley Trail Day" when we get the bikers and walkers in the Tulsa area to come down the new trail along the old railroad track, and our stores and restaurants could offer specials for them as they stop and rest here before going on their way or returning? This is like what towns do each June as the Oklahoma Free Wheel bike tour goes through the state and stops at their town.

Bring Back an annual Heritage Parade along Peoria?

Pool our resources and rent one of the vacant buildings in a public spot for a community-run Turley Public Library?

Get a place here for a regular "Free Swap" so you have a chance to giveaway personal and building items you no longer need, and a chance to get from others what they have brought?

You get the picture...Post ideas. They will be like seeds. Some may never come up and bear fruit, at least in your lifetime, but others will take hold and grow as other people catch on and help. Consider this area of the blog as the Turley Brainstorm.


Anonymous said...

I am all for giving Turley a new improving look, however I am a little concered about the trail that you speak of. I have walked parts of that trail,(in the daylight and armed) and I do not believe it to be safe. There are thugs that run it at night looking for a fallin down fence or an open window. I can say that there are new security measures being taken to find some of these hard working tax payers(lol), but I still believe that the trail still isnt safe to walk alone or in small groups.

Ron said...

Thanks Anon. The safety issue on the trail and how some have used it to gain access for burglaries had been mentioned and discussed a few times i remember at past turley community association meetings, especially when we had representatives from the sheriff's department there giving reports. we haven't had those representatives present lately, but at the November meeting it was brought up and we are contacting the sheriff's office to get them to resume regular crime reporting and hearing of safety concerns. Good caution to take. I have always walked it in small groups and that in daytime, and with cell phone, and have felt safe doing so, but the sheriff's office might need to have cops-on-bikes patrolling as is the custom in many metropolitan areas with bike trails. I hope people will report any and all problems to the sheriff's office, as well as potential danger zones, because that way there will be a record of actual instances, and there won't be the problem of thinking our area is more dangerous than it is, which has been the case in the past in other parts. a new blog post coming soon growing out of the last community association meeting. stay tuned. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Well I truly hope that Turley can change its image..or at least the image that outsiders have.. When I lived in south Tulsa I meet a man, we got to talkin and I thought he was really a good man, and then he told me he was from Turley, I thought about running the other way or calling 911, well that man is now my husband, we have been happily married for 7yrs. and have two beautiful girls, we do not live in Turley any longer but knowing him and meeting others from Turley has shown me that Turley isnt bad, there are just a few bad people, but there are a few bad people in South Tulsa and any other town or city you go to. I think you just hear about north Tulsa on the news maybe a little more and people automaticly think, Turley...To change the image of Turley it will take an effort from all of the residents and even though we no longer live in Turley we will support any good ideas put in place to help that image... I think that it would be a good idea to have some type of security to walk the trail if there is going to be an event taking place there, I would like to see security walk the trail at other times as well.. Wish you all the best!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, its god to hear that people really care or are concerned with Turley. I live in Tampa, FL now for the last 15 years. I was basically born and raised in Turley, graduated in 1987 from McLain HS. During that era Turley was thriving very well. Families kept their houses and property value up, you saw peole taking care of their yards doing landscape every Saturday morning. You saw kids playing in the streets without hurt, harm or danger. As a real estate investor I would love to see Turley and the property value of Turley do nothing moree than increase. Everytime I come and visit my family who still lives in Tulsa, I always gravitate out to Turley just to see what its like. I'm so sad to say that for the most part its very abandoned and reminds me of a ghost town. To this very day, I recieve emails from realtors of property in the North Tulsa and Turley areas as it is one of my many goals and dreams to buy, fix and sell real estate properties in those areas. If you take a good look at the whole make up of the "North Side" there is no major businesses to help sustain future growth, meaning a Sams club, Applebee's, Chilli's, Pizza Hut, Subway etc. As we all are made aware on a annual basis, African americans spend more than any other ethic group in society today so whay aren't we as African Americans networking with the regionalor district managers of those companies or put together a proposal to bring those businesses into our communities? Anyone can reply back to me at

D. Montgomery