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Who We Are/What We Do/Why Summary

The Welcome Table Missional Community/
A Third Place Community Foundation

Renewing The Far Northside: Volunteer Grassroots Response

2002-03 Epiphany Church began in Owasso, suburb of Tulsa
2004 moved to 6305 N. Peoria Ave. Turley/McLain School area
2005 became The Living Room Church and began partnering with Turley Community Association and Cherokee School on beautification projects
2007 Opened A Third Place Community Center at 6416 N. Peoria Ave. and moved in it and began working with OU Graduate Social Work program on community forums;
2008 hosted OU Health Clinic;
2009 created A Third Place Community Foundation and began demonstration gardening with Turley United Methodist Church and providing school gardens and landscaping for Cherokee Elementary School and helped form McLain School Foundation;
2010 bought a block of abandoned houses and trashed property at 6005 N. Johnstown Ave. to begin transforming into a community gardenpark;
2011 bought an abandoned church building at 5920 N. Owasso Ave. and moved the community center into it and planted the community orchard;
2012 created The Welcome Table Free Corner Store Food Pantry.

Area We Serve:
Primarily from 46th St. N. to 76th St. N. and from Highway 75 to Osage County Line; all within the McLain School boundary; far north Tulsa and Turley community area but our food store also serves the Sperry area. We are located in 74126, one of the lowest income zipcodes in the Tulsa area with a life expectancy 14 years lower than midtown Tulsa. We also serve 74130. 

Current Offerings:
Twice a Week Free Food Store;
4-5 times a year Mobile Pantry giving out 5 tons of food in one hour;
occasional Mobile Eatery from Food Bank
Computer Center/Free Wifi
Free Books
Clothes and More (take what you need; leave what you can)
Community Art Studio and Art Events
Washer/Dryer and Shower
Community Recycling Bin
Weekly 12-Step Recovery
Community Holiday Events and Festivals
Monthly Community Planning
Monthly Turley Area Seniors
Community GardenPark and Orchard and Free weekly meals at the Park

Current Community Projects
Abandoned Properties: Demolition or Upkeep
66th and N. Lewis Intersection Transformation
Welcome to Turley Sign Project
Roadside Wildflowers/Trash Pickup
Prairie Trails Wildflower Preservation Rest Area across from our park

Planting Project Seeds: In Conversation or In Vision
Cherokee School, closed in 2011, Repurposing
Scattered Site Low Rent Housing Program, plus “Relocation Homes” transforming abandoned homes
Osage Prairie Trail Awareness and Appreciation Event(s) and Community Info Kiosks
Far North Main Street from 46th to 66th St. on N. Peoria Ave
Community Lay Health Advocate Program (turning health clinics inside out)
Village Post Office to replace closed post office

Current Partners
University of Oklahoma-Tulsa
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
Tulsa Health Department North Regional Wellness Center
Tulsa Food Security Council
Tulsa Community Gardening Association
McLain School Foundation
Turley Community Association
Turley United Methodist Church
Turley Fire and Rescue Dept
Tulsa County O’Brien Park and Recreation
Sarah’s Residential Living Center
Newsome Community Farms
Oklahoma State University Extension Dept
The LightHouse Charter School
Gilcrease Elementary School.

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