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Spring Board Meeting Agenda and Updates

A glimpse into our all volunteer, four year old group, and I know I am leaving something out :). Tonight's agenda for the quarterly board meeting for A Third Place Community Foundation, here at our Welcome Table Community Center, 5920 N. Owasso Ave. From 1:30 to 4 pm today we will be working with our partners here from the OU Graduate Social Work Dept in their service-learning. From noon to 4 pm will be our weekly Food Community Day embodying the Maundy Thursday Mandate to love one another as I have loved you...
6 pm at the Community Center, Wed. March 27

Dinner and Meeting

1. Call to Order

2. Any Minutes of Winter Meeting/Party? Not sure we took any? So Sharing Highlights of What All Has Happened so far in 2013

3a. Financial Update
3b. Craigslist items and next steps for selling donated items to raise funds and clearing south room for use
3c. Set another Grants Meeting and look at deadlines in 2013, potential grantswriting partners, etc. 
3d. Proposal to Create an Emergency Aid Fund with original allotment of $1,000 designated for the Executive Director and Treasurer to allocate to local residents in special needs. (Our equivalent of a "minister's discretionary fund" for such assistance). If the Board thinks it is good to have, we can investigate the best practices and come back with policies and parameters and how to promote it to be sustainable.

4. Selection of Officers: 

5. Updates on Past Business and Discussions and Projects
---Property Purchase Options and Investigations: land to the immediate south, completing the lots on the block; Cherokee School; Land along the Prairie Trail where burned properties are located; the 34 HUD properties; McLain Village Shopping Center
---Community KitchenGardenPark:
---Cornerstore Pantry: (besides the updates on the pantry, we also on Wednesdays now have SNAP outreach center and also AA booth and representatives, along with nutritionist and others)
---Senior Citizens Center:
---Community Center: (south room, clothing room, new downstairs meeting room, art room, crafts room, bathrooms, washer/dryer, upstairs)
---Community Center outside, land, and parsonage

6. Events
---second Wednesday dinner planning and coordinating circles
---Volunteer Tulsa and the 2013 Big Event Day, Sat. April 13. Get volunteers for our park and community center projects. 
---partnership event with McLain High School and Tulsa Health Dept. Northside Wellness Event Sat. Apr. 20; booth needs staffed
---partnership event with North Star Street Cred Event with Tulsa Young professionals Sat. May 11: booth needs staffed
---partnership with Food Bank, Mobile Van here, Friday, May 3
See calendar of events attached for other meetings and partnership events ongoing, such as Art Day, OU Days, etc.
---Setting local showing and discussion of "A Place At The Table" documentary (I was a part of one such event at Circle Cinema and will be at another event at Phillips Theological Seminary I believe set on Tues. May 7). 
---Setting local showing and discussion of movie "Flight" about addictions, in partnership with recovery group(s). 

7. New Partnership Options
---GreenPark Vann Industrial Board on Economic Development Project(s)
---STAR Fellowship Program, academic research 
---North Tulsa Development Council Leadership Class Program

8 Announcements, Setting Dates for next meetings:
Others? See calendar of events for all the main events not listed above or here.
Summer Board Meeting: Wed. June 12? Fall Meeting, Wed. Sept. 18? 
I will be in the Philippines, or on the way there and back, from Sunday, April 21 to Tuesday, April 30 (if I have my international date change right)
I will be in Louisville June 17 to 24. 
The Tulsa Pride Parade with the Okla Center for Equality will be Sat. June 1 (we have in the past talked about getting a banner just for and about us geared for the two parades we are in each year; MLK and the Pride Parade, not having to use the banner outside our building; do we want to consider upgrading to this and perhaps to car float?). 
We have set Sat. Sept. 21 for our Community FunFair and Turley Heritage Day and Senior Resources Focus, launching organization of new senior center group
I will be in New Orleans Oct. 8-9 to 14-15. (invite all to come be part of service in the community work and/or as you choose worship options, with the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal, and can learn from them about their structures and experiences in hosting people and groups on community projects and partners). 

9. Adjournment

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