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Giving Tuesday: Give To Our Neighborhoods By Giving To A Third Place Community Foundation

 A Third Place

Community Foundation
Who we are …

A small group of ordinary folks.

What we do …

Small acts of kindness with great love to promote healthy lives and neighborhoods in far north Tulsa and Turley.

More specifically, we …

Operate a large community center which includes an art space, food pantry, clothing room, lending library, computer center, meeting space, and more;

Maintain a local park with a community garden, fruit tree orchard, outdoor kitchen, picnic space, etc., from what was once an abandoned city block;

Sponsor community events …holiday parties, family fun days, garden gatherings, art days, etc.;

Work to organize community members and civic leaders to bring about greater awareness of the needs of our community and citizens;

Do many small acts throughout the year to bring hope, health, and beauty to our residents and neighborhoods.

How we do it …

Each of us contributes as we are able,

And we rely on donations from folks like you.

We couldn’t do the things we do without people like you.

We appreciate you and your support of our work.

Give Today. Surprise Yourself, Our Neighbors, And The World with your gift. Use the Donate Button Above, safely and easily, or send checks to A Third Place Community Foundation, 5920 N. Owasso Ave., Turley, OK 74126.

And enjoy reading below all the ways we are growing healthy lives and neighborhoods, creating miracles among the ruins.

And come see us. We would love to meet you, show you around, answer your questions, connect your passions with the needs of our place.

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