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Vote For Us Daily Now to Oct. 9 in the 50 States For Good National Competition by Tom's of Maine; help us to continue growing the Miracle Among the Ruins Project

Here is why we at A Third Place Community Foundation need your vote at in the Tom’s of Main 50 States for Good online facebook competition for $50,000 grant money to first place or $20,000 for the second through sixth place finishers;
Here is why We have been selected as one of the finalists in the competition; we are the only organization in the contest from Oklahoma; we will use the funds to build a  Community Kitchen Greenhouse Shelter Pavillion and Rainwater Collection System at our Welcome Table Community Park raised from the ruins of abandoned homes at 6005 N. Johnstown Ave. on the edge of north Tulsa and Turley communities in which we live and serve.
here is why our volunteer-based grassroots organization has raised the funds to buy the block of abandoned homes and trashed properties and transformed them into our Miracle Among The Ruins community garden and our community orchard and why we have our community center and our community food pantry and have coordinated daily summer meals for children under 18 years old, and why we are partnering with other agencies to do the same for seniors 60 and over in our area that has life expectancy 14 years below that of the area just six miles away from us; and why we need you to vote especially daily because so many of our own neighbors because of their poverty do not have access to internet to vote themselves:

These Food Statistics from the survey we conducted with the OU Graduate School of Social Work in 2009 of residents in our two mile radius area of far northside Tulsa and Turley. For more complete demographics on our service area, and for more on the many ways we are building community where others have given up, see the posts below. Please share with others.

...55 percent worry about the amount of food they have
...6 percent use spoiled food
...29 percent use a food pantry
...31 percent receive food from church
...35 percent borrow food from family
...25 percent borrow food from friends
...25 percent adults skip entire day from eating
...29 percent adults skip meals
...26 percent did not eat and are hungry at time of survey
...43 percent eat less than they should
...60 percent eat low cost foods
...52 percent cannot afford nutritious meals
...57 percent run out of food
...60 percent cannot afford healthy food

The Food Environment:
...29 percent have no affordable source of food in community
...63 percent know about a food pantry
,..56 percent rate the food quality in Turley area as fair or poor
...59 percent indicate food in Turley area expensive or very expensive relative to budget

Overall Health:
...56 percent not currently healthy
...41 percent health is fair or poor
...54 percent are overweight
...66 percent should weigh less
...47 percent smoke or use other tobacco

For more information on the Miracle Among the Ruins project here, go to this link of combined links of news stories and reports and videos:

Vote and Share and Come and See...

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