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Images of Our Food Pantry...Help Us Keep It Full

Our food pantry at The Welcome Table Community Center, 5920 N. Owasso Ave., often has empty shelves because of the tremendous food insecurity and hunger needs here in the 74126 74130 and 74073 zip codes, especially for healthy food. Our life expectancy is 14 years lower than it is just six miles south of our area in mid-town Tulsa.

The images on this post show a little of what we can offer to people in need here, where the numbers of people we serve has grown a third in just the past month during the summer months when families here don't have the free meals at schools during the rest of the year, and because of school closings we haven't been able to yet this year offer our Summer Cafe presence as we have in recent years where we served more children than anywhere else in the greater area. Because of our arrangement with the Food Bank, our funds can go so much further in buying food than what individuals can buy at the store and donate to us, so please help us keep our pantry looking as good as this by donating to us, even on a regular basis if possible through the online donation button here on this page; or grow an extra row in your own garden for the hungry and donate to us; and come help volunteer with us on Food Pantry days Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30 am to Noon, and/or come harvest for the pantry with us at our KitchenGardenPark on Mondays and Thursdays 6 pm and plant with us on Saturday mornings at 7 am on.

A little of your life goes a long way here in the life of others. And we have fun!!.

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