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Park Dedication Words for Today: The Miracle Among The Ruins Address

Dedication Address for the Welcome Table Kitchen
GardenPark and Orchard, Sat. May 12, 10 am to 2 pm, 6005 N. Johnstown Ave. (west of Peoria Ave.)

By Ron Robinson, Executive Director

For those from whom we have inherited this land, from its first native inhabitants and later the Cherokee Nation, to those who built their homes here and who lived here, gardened here, struggled and thrived here, protecting the land, this own good place of the earth, for those in our past who have taught us much about how to live and who are still alive in our hearts, we dedicate this park, these gardens, this orchard, this community space.

For those who have given of their lives, their volunteer effort, their money, their time and attention, in so many ways these past two years since we began the drive to acquire the property, who have given of their sweat and tears and laughter in planting and playing, who have kept us in their hearts, minds, and souls no matter if they live across the street or live across the world, we gratefully dedicate this vision to them, of a place where people will continue to give back to others.

For those who live in our neighborhoods, and for those whose heart breaks for those who live in our neighborhoods, for whom this park has and will become a daily reminder of the power of hope over despair, of healthy choices in a culture that surrounds them with so much that produces illness of the mind, body, and spirit, and for whom this park will be a place of rest and community connection and the launching pad for whole new dreams and renewal projects, for all of you we dedicate this place of deep peace as a presence in your life.

Finally, for those who are not yet born, for those who live in the undiscovered country of the future, for those lives we cannot imagine, for those who will inherit this place, this moment even, from us, and who will make of it what their world requires, for them and for the mission of their lives, we dedicate this community on the hill, this bridge from us to them, this small act of justice done with great love.

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Thomasene Custard Washington said...

Hi Ron, My name is Thomasene Denise Washington,and I have read all of the information that was sent to my e-mail address It make me feel very proud of everything that is going on in Turley--excellent work. I am planning on attending one of the up-comming events. I live in EdenWoods apartments,and at one time they were known as