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Donate By Year's End To Our Amazing Story of A Third Place projects on the Far Northside miracles among the ruins

...Become now a part of the miracles among the ruins and help launch us into an even more incredible year of growing healthy lives, neighborhoods in the 74126 and adjacent zips, renewing community, empowering residents, all through small acts of justice done with great love and hope....

You have been reading all year of the work going on, of the lives touched in small ways and of the grand plans that have emerged and are on the verge of the great tipping point to turning around our community area serving from 46th to 76th St. North and from the Osage County line to Highway 75. Now you can become a part of that story...

Make your online donation by year's end at; you don't need paypal to use the online service. Or send a check to A 'Third Place Foundation at The Welcome Table Community Center, 5920 N. Owasso Ave., Turley, OK 74126. Or bring it by during our New Year's Eve gathering beginning at 9 pm tomorrow evening.

If you missed it, here is our annual end of the year report to the community. Please find ways to share it with others, and go to the website and read and share of the many other events and issues and projects underway in our area.

Be an underwriter, be a presence in this abandoned place of the Empire:

$100 helps us provide one of our many community meals throughout the month

$300 pays for a whole month's mortgage for us, or a whole month's insurance for us, or helps us staff the food center for a month.

$500 pays for a whole month's utilities for us, keeping us open and as a warming station for those without heat during these cold months, keeping the computer center alive.

$1000 will announce us to the world with new community signs for the center and for the kitchengardenpark and orchard.

Help us keep the mission alive...

The Week Ahead:

Sat. Dec. 31, beginning at 8 am and going all morning, we will be doing major site preparation work at our emerging community garden park kitchen and orchard at 6005 N. Johnstown Ave. This has been one of the amazing stories of this past year, and so come witness as we take another leap forward on the last day of the year turning abandoned property into an oasis for healthy food and community connections.

Sat. Dec. 31, 9 pm. to after midnight. This has been the year we also bought another old historic abandoned building and turned it into our community center, so it is fitting that we end the year relaxing and enjoying this place of renewal, where passions meet the world's great needs, and people find purpose and hope in giving back to others. We will have food, play board games, watch the Best Picture Gandhi to usher in a year of revolutionary peace, and community liberating presence here in our area.

Tuesday, Jan. 3 and Thursday, Jan. 5, from 3 to 6 pm, our Food Pantry Center, where we also provide healthy recipes and healthy meals made out of the food pantry ingredients, where we will be signing people up and handing out tickets for the great food giveaway on Jan. 13 we are coordinating with the Food Bank.

Thursday, Jan. 5, 3:30 pm our Future of the Turley Area deep planning session; we will be unveiling and working on the boundaries for the incorporation of a city of Turley, working on taking our disaster response network to the next level by identifying resources and leaders in sixteen neighborhoods within our currently unincorporated area, hearing reports from partners and networking our organizations.

Thursday, Jan. 5, 5:30 pm, helping the Advisory Board of the O'Brien Park welcome its new activities director with a public reception. This is one of our partners in the community.

Also help plan our parade presence in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade and candlelight vigil and events. And stay tuned in January for the start or something new...

Merry continuing Christmastide, and a happy new year to you and to your communities.


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