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Post Office Set To Close Sept. 10: Help Us Protest and Plan A Free Community Post Office here at the Center

Even though Turley was left off the list of 3700 post offices being closed that was published in the Tulsa World, the post office has confirmed that Turley's post office will be closed on Sept. 10. We are trying to find out if we can get a "village post office" for our area, perhaps in our community center. The Tulsa World is set to run a news story on the closing of Turley and others that were left off the massive list provided by the post office recently. It should be published on Sat. Aug. 6.

We believe:
It is not right to close the post office in our area where we have the poor and the elderly without the means to get four miles away to the other post service; do it where this is possible;
It is not right where the residents affected are not the ones with computers and internet service as an alternative which is the reason the postal service says volume is down; do it where computers are prevalent,
It is not right because where volume is down here it is because the hours of service have been being cut over the years making it difficult to people to use the existing location, and there has been no public signage or promotion of the office and where it is to attract newcomers. One of the first acts we did when we set up our community center was protest the neglect of the post office which was located next door to where we were because the American flag at the post office was torn and tattered; it was replaced, but was a sign of neglect;
It is not right because the people in this area do not have access or means to an alternative like fedex or ups offices as they do in other parts of the Tulsa area; do it where there are alternatives.

Let your federal official representatives know how you feel about this. Contact information through their websites Rep. John Sullivan, Senator Tom Coburn and Senator Jim Inhofe and ask them to do the right thing and keep the post office open where it is needed the most, which is what government resources are meant to do, filling in the gaps.

Stay tuned for news of organizing and protesting meetings and exploring options.

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