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Coming Events in Our Area For You

Please come participate in building community life in the Turley and surrounding area. Your presence brings hope to others. If you have an event to add leave it in the comments section. And feel free to sign up to follow our blog and get notices when we update. Big news coming soon.

Monday and Friday mornings, our Health Clinic for All, by University of Oklahoma Community Medicine.

Tuesday, March 23: Community Academy. Free classes and free meal with OU graduate students. Bring an idea you would like to get help with? Come learn relationship and leadership skills. Add to your resume. Job skills. 5:30 to 8 pm. All ages 14 and up. RSVP if you can at 794-4637 or or just stop by that night. Those who come for all four sessions get a ceretificate of completion. Other sesssions will be held March 30 and April 20 and 27.

Wednesday, March 24, 6 pm Volunteer and Work Day at the Center getting ready for OU leadership visit. Free Pizza.

Friday, March 26, 10 am Come show appreciation for the OU Health Clinic and the many programs and partnerships we have with OU. The OU Leadership Staff Institute will be visiting in Turley. Spread the word and let's welcome OU to Turley area. It will be a great time to hear of our partnership and the many programs and new things to come in our area with OU.

Saturday, March 27, 10 am. Come make a welcoming home for Cherokee Elementary students as we do a cleanup and planting of more flowers in the beds we started last fall, and as we help with their vegetable community gardens. 6001 N. Peoria. Help our children start the day with a beautiful environment to walk past as they begin their studies.

Sunday, March 28, 10 am LivingRoomChurch holds worship at the Center and has a special Seminary Sunday discussing excerpts from the video of First Light: Jesus and the Kingdom of God featuring biblical scholars Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan. Look at historical insights of Jesus and Holy Week events and how progressive Christians build lives of faith and social change rooted in the biblical stories.

Tuesday, March 30, 5:30 to 8 pm both OU Turley Community Academy, free meal, and a special meeting of the Turley Community Association as part of the class, at the Center. See how the community association is working to improve the quality of life in our area.

Thursday, April 1 Maundy Thursday 6:30 pm Communion Service.

Friday, April 2 5:30 pm "From Turley to TU" community coalitions meeting, Tulsa Community College Northeast, Apache and Harvard, with State Rep. Seneca Scott.

Saturday, April 3 Easter Eve Party 11 am to 3 pm Garden Party at Rev. Ron Robinson and Dr. Bonnie Ashing, 563 E. 63rd St. N.

Tuesday, April 6, 6:30 pm Arts and Crafts Gathering at the Center. Bringing art to the community.

Saturday, April 10, 8 to 10 am Community Benefit Pancakes and More Breakfast $5 or more donation to help the Center stay open and grow our programs.

Saturday, April 10, 10 am to Noon Community Gardening and random acts of kindness and beauty.

Tuesday, April 13, 6:30 pm Let Turley Bloom Movie and Meal and Discussion, "SuperSize Me" and community gardening

Saturday, April 17, 10 am. Gardening Party at Cherokee School, 6001 N. Peoria; 2 pm Saving Pets of Turley, at A Third Place.

Tuesdays April 20 and 27, 5:30 to 8 pm Community Academy, free class on relationship and leadership and helping with your projects and ideas.

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