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$10 million X Prize and Turley/North Tulsa?

Post Update:
Well, we heard that Oklahoma and our area doesn't qualify for the X Prize because the funders, an insurance company, don't serve this part of the country and were limiting eligibility to those areas where they do. But we had such great ideas flowing that we will be talking with OU Medicine about ways to incorporate some of the out of the box ideas on a smaller scale now.

We just had a great meeting at A Third Place Community Center, 6514 N. Peoria Ave., this afternoon with various members of OU, both Tulsa and Norman, as we are beginning to explore what it would take to come up with a healthcare project so out of the box, and so full of possibilities of change for our community on the northern edge of Tulsa, that we could submit it to be considered for one of the finalists for the $10 million X prize for community healthcare improvement that will be awarded by the same folks that gave out the X prize for the first private aircraft to go up to outer space and back, and who are going to give one to a new sustainable automobile. It is just in its genesis stage, but no matter what the outcome is, we are committed to trying a new way of creating health in a community. The genius is that we will be building upon some of the ways we are already creating better community life through the A Third Place Community Center. There will be much more to come as we begin to figure out how to bring you and many others into this endeavor, and no matter the outcome we will have changed our community. But think about it? X Prize and North Tulsa/Turley, in our two mile service radius, covering such a unique area as we have in our edge community blending urban, rural, and small town atmospheres.
Call Ron at 794-4637 if you want to learn more or have an idea for some radical way we can create healthier lives, families, communities.

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