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Legislation Allows Turley to Move Forward On Vote on Incorporation as a City

Word has reached us that Gov. Henry has signed the bill approved by the State House and the State Senate that would fix the earlier problems with legislation approved and which now opens the way for the efforts to proceed on holding a vote to incorporate a portion of our area as the City of Turley.

More information on this and other community matters will certainly be addressed at the next Turley Community Association meeting to be held Tuesday, May 29, at 7 p.m. at O'Brien Park Recreation Center.

At the April meeting it was reported that the legislation had been approved by the state legislative bodies. It was stated that the move is to help the Turley residents to preserve our identity as small town, rural, near urban area, to help with efforts to clean up property, but to fix it so animals can still be on homes and in front yards and all the other things that make Turley unique and special in this era of areas that seem like they all have to look and act alike.

Survey work has to begin now to create the exact legal area that would be covered by the incorporation; then a petition will be circulated to gather the required number of signatures of those in the area who would call for the election on incorporating; the manner of city government would also be outlined ahead of time. It was reported that much of this work has already been done in past presentation, but I suppose nothing has yet been final. More voices will be needed, and more hands to help with taking the process to the next step.

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