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Turley Water Department News

Gene Cullison and several members of the Turley Water Department Board and staff visited the Turley Community Association meeting in September and answered questions about projects underway, billing methods, and more.

One of the biggest on-going issues for the Water Department is the fact that they have so many unpaid accounts, often because of the high number of residences that are rented and when renters move they leave unpaid water bills. Turley, it was reported, is somewhat unique in that it is an unincorporated community with its own Water Department (water is purchased from Tulsa City and handled locally here in Turley to residents and businesses). But it is also somewhat unique in that there are more homes with renters than homeowners, which adds a financial pressure.

If you have questions about your water bill, go see them. They will be helpful and love to explain the situation. And also if you see the workers in the office or out working on the lines, give them thanks. Their meetings are public so you can call and find out all the details or stop by the office.


RCooper said...

You can view the Turley Water Department Website on

Anonymous said...

Who oversees the financial aspect of the turley water department and who is over them. Are there regular audits to ensure integrity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:
Turley Water has an annual audit and we are a member of Oklahoma Rural Water Association. We also were evaluated by Community Resource Group Inc, which is a federally supported organization that helps to set up rate structures according to National Rural Water Assocations, DEQ and Department of Commerce.